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The Kilnwood Loon Web Cam 

The Kilnwood loon cam is again in operation.  Kilnwood resident Allen Rapp has a web camera on the shoreline of his property next to Camp Hawkeye on DeerHill.  The camera is trained on the loon platform.

The technical side of the Web Cam.
The image you see is uploaded from the camera, essentially a small computer, using Allen’s home DSL modem and router to a remote server where it can be downloaded by anyone with an internet connection using links from this web site and the Kilnwood website. This method allows a multitude of users to see the ‘video’ stream which is actually a stream of still images that are refreshed at a minimum of every 2 seconds from that remote server. This camera will give viewers a fairly close view of the interaction of the loon pair around and on the nest. It is also hoped to help keep curious people away from the nesting area. Harry Vogel and John Cooley of the Loon Preservation Committee approve of the idea.