LKWA Director/Treasurer Position Open 

Rob Baker, LKWA Board Director and Treasurer has submitted his resignation effective April 1. “I have served LKWA for 10 years and am ready to hand the position off to another capable individual who can provide a leadership role on the Board. This position will give you the opportunity to have an impact on Board decisions and meet the challenges as we move forward to correct our Lake issues.” If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] or send an email to [email protected] if you have an interest in serving Lake Kanasatka in this capacity.

Responsibilities of LKWA Director/Treasurer 

  • Keep accurate records of all incoming and outgoing expenses.
  • Prepare Budget for the upcoming year
  • Reconcile all LKWA accounts on a monthly basis
  • Attend monthly Board meetings and provide input relative to financial issues and operational decisions
  • Track membership renewals
  • Create a dues reminder to be sent to past-due members in the Fall
  • Monitor LKWA P.O. Box for bills, receipts and membership renewals
  • Collect dues and confirm contact info at the Annual Meeting
  • Exhibit strong communications and computer skills including email and excel
  • Manage bank accounts deposits and debits
  • Track expenses to insure LKWA is in a strong and healthy financial position
  • Provide financial summary with short explanation of finances and membership status to the annual Board Newsletter.
  • Provide end of year fiscal summary of account spending and balances
  • Address the LKWA membership at the annual meeting with the financial summary
  • Have knowledge of or willingness to learn and apply compliance requirements for LKWA Non-Profit status (503c3) including filing IRS tax returns
  • Have knowledge of or willingness to learn and apply compliance requirements for NH Charitable Organizations Trusts Unit
  • Provide financial input to comply with Grant application requests

Our sincere thanks to Rob for his dedication to LKWA for the past 10 years!