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This is what your watershed association does for you:

  • Monitor and sample the water quality and keep a database of itschanges. Each year we collect different measurements/samples that tell us what is going on within the water column.  We collectwater transparency measurements as well as measurements of temperature, oxygen, conductivity (a surrogate for salts), turbidity(particulate matter), pH etc from the surface down to the lake bottom.
  •  Protect local wildlife – by workingwith various Wildlife Protection Organizations as well as the NH Fish and Game Department. Members of your Watershed Association work incoordination with the Loon Preservation Committee to aid in the placing of loon rafts, help with the annual loon count, watch andprotect animals and loons from dangerous predators, both domestic and wild.
  • Watch the surrounding land use and construction activities. Guardingagainst the major development of areas around the lake have historically been the goal of your Watershed Association. On manyoccasions reports have come from around the lake by people concerned about construction projects and their impact on the lake. To be surethat our watershed remains clean and safe, your Lake Association has investigated and taken action.
  • Support other environmental protection organizations. TheLake Kanasatka Watershed Association contributes money and works with several groups in thestate: The NH Lakes Association, the Squam Lakes Association, the Loon Preservation Committee, and the Lakes Region Conservation Trust.
  • Educate our members in proper land and water use. Inthe past the July and August meetings have had guests from various organizations. Mostrecently we had presentations from members of the Department of Environmental Services, the Carroll and Belknap County ConservationDistricts, and the NH Marine Patrol.

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