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Attention: To the LKWA Community

Cynobacteria Advisory

We remind everyone to remain vigilant to any unusual coloration or surface scums or cloudiness collecting on your beachfront or within 100’ or 150’ of shore. We continue to see smaller suspected blooms and send them out for testing. The most recent sightings and samples were taken today (Sun 9/27). Different types of cyanobacteria appear at various times of year, and a few cold days will not kill off all of them. Also, Dr. Amanda McQuaid at DES has reminded us that we may likely see some bloom activity as the lake turns over with cooler weather this fall.

If you see anything, please report it to and

Remember to keep yourself and others, especially children and pets, out of the water if you see anything unusual. Please inspect the water before enjoying the lake, and continue to be observant as blooms can appear quickly.