Our Association:

Download a copy of the LKWA ByLaws here.

All Board member communications should be addressed to lkwamail@gmail.com

LKWA Board of Directors and Officers 2023

President: Kirk Meloney
Vice President: Jane Nash
Secretary: Colette Cooke
Treasurer: Rob Baker
Director: Tim Baker
Director: Lisa Hutchinson
Director: Wendy Booker Downing
Director: Chris Wallace

Committees & Programs

  • Boat Parade
  • Communications
  • Grants
  • Hospitality
  • Lake Host
  • Weed Watchers
  • Water Quality
    • Rapid Response Team

Boat Parade Committee Members

Rob Baker, Chair

Communications Committee Members

Chris Wallace
Janna Hoiberg
Kevin Kelly
Carol Hart
Jane Nash

Grants Committee Members

Eileen Ehman
Eric Carlson
Candy Hoene

 Water Quality Committee Members

Dave & Lisa Hutchinson, Chair
Carol & Rick Carlson
Anne & Jim O’Connor
Pat & Mike Devanney

Rapid Response Team

Lisa Hutchinson, Chair
Carol Carlson
Anne and Jim O’Connor
Pat and Mike Devanney
Rosemarie Rung
Tim Baker
Scott Parker
Ken Queeney

 Weed Watchers Committee Members

Tim Baker, Chair
Kirk Meloney
Anne Ingard
Marc and Pat Berger
Mike Devanney
Anne Marie Abbott
Mike and Toni Anziano