Crest of embankment and Lake Kanasatka looking upstream.

Lake Kanasatka Dam

All of the pictures below, except for the first four, were taken in 1980 as part of the Department of the Army New England Division Corps of Engineers Inspection report for the National Dam Inspection Program.

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The Dam in 1936 before the NH 25 realignment

Young fisherman checking out the inlet in 1967

Inlet photo from 1967.

Looking from the side in 1985.

Overview of Lake Kanasatka Dam showing downstream side

Drop Inlet structure

Area of erosion adjacent to right wingwall

Upstream side and alignment of the roadway from right end of dam

Area of erosion adjacent to roadway shoulder

Downstream side and alignment of roadway from left end of dam

Sluiceway outlet and dry-laid stone masonry walls

Inside of box culvert looking upstream