To many of us, Lake Kanasatka represents much more than a beautiful view, a relaxing getaway, and a place to cool off in the heat of summer. During the 2023-2024 Capital Campaign to raise money for an alum treatment, LKWA featured thoughts and stories from LKWA’s Board Members and other community members on what it means to them to bring Lake Kanasatka back to her former pristine glory.

Shayna Worby

I am the daughter of Ralph and Paula Santoro, who own our beloved cottage on Lake Kanasatka. I am told I have been visiting the lake since I was six months old, I am now 47! When the cottage was truly a seasonal cottage with only 4 rooms, I slept [...]

Scott Parker

Some of us are here because, in one way or another, we always have been. Some of us are here because lakeside real estate is a good investment. Regardless of which end of that spectrum you're on, a sick Lake Kanasatka is working against you. For me, it's pretty personal. [...]

Scott Apgar

The Apgar family has been on Lake Kanasatka since 2005 when we purchased a vacation home on Sandy Cove. We brought our young boys up for the Fishing Derby in 2004 and while I was out on Fish Cove (Lake Winni) in the sub freezing temperatures my wife went out [...]

Max Hoene

As a relatively new resident on Lake Kanasatka, I am proud to be a member of the LKWA community. Through the efforts of many, it looks like we are close to reaching the capital fund goal needed to treat our lake. I am incredibly grateful for the hard work and [...]

Kevin Kelly

My wife Sandra, and I came to Lake Kanasatka in 1984, first owning a seasonal camp on Vonhurst Road. We were immediately recruited by LKWA to be Water Quality Monitors, and we did this for almost 35 years. Through the years, I have served as President of LKWA, Water Quality [...]

John and Karen Buschini

Over the years we have rented homes each summer all over the lakes region. One year we can across a rental on a small lake called Lake Kanasatka.  We rented that home for two consecutive summers when our kids were young and loved how peaceful and beautiful this lake was. [...]

Janna Hoiberg

It all started in 1987, my husband (Steve) and I “went for a drive”. A real estate agent appointment had been set up to look at lake front property. It was March – we all know what March is like in Moultonborough. Cold, soggy, muddy and generally not everyone’s favorite [...]

Jane Nash

My husband John went to Proctor Academy and that began his connection with New Hampshire. On the weekends he would pack us all in the car and drive to New Hampshire. It was a beautiful day as we rode up Route 25. I got a quick look at the water [...]

Ginger Hankins

When I was growing up, my grandparents had a cabin on Lake Winnipesaukee. So many happy memories.  Two years ago, I brought my husband up to see my beloved New Hampshire. We rented the boathouse on Lake Kanasatka and spent the whole time on the porch looking out over the [...]

Eileen Ehman

The story of my life at Lake Kanasatka is tied to my husband’s teen years when he spent his summers on Lake Winnipesaukee at the Long Island Campground off Neck Road. We met when we were in our 20s, and he took me to the Big Lake to spend a [...]

Colette Cooke

My memories of the lake in NH begin in the 1950s. Remember crayfish on the beach at night? Hundreds of them, where did they go? How about those tiny baby hornpouts? Fireflies everywhere in the woods… The lakes and mountains of New Hampshire became my special place over 65 years [...]

Chris Wilson Wallace

My parents bought a piece of land on the shores of Lake Kanasatka the year I turned 8. I vividly remember the dark woods so thick with trees that it was difficult to get to the water. There were just a few small cottages scattered around the lake at that [...]

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