What is the LakeSmart Program?

LakeSmart is an education, evaluation, and recognition program that is free,
voluntary, and non-regulatory that was created by NH LAKES. It includes an evaluation process to determine how lake-friendly your property and activities are. The evaluation covers driveway and parking areas, structures and wastewater treatment systems, and yard and play areas. For properties along the water, the shoreline and shallow water areas of the lake are included. The Lake Winnipesaukee Association is leading the LakeSmart program in the Lake Winnipesaukee watershed, which includes Lake Kanasatka. As such the program in our area is titled the “Be Winni Blue & LakeSmart” program.

If your property doesn’t initially score high enough to achieve LakeSmart status in all areas, you will be provided with lake-friendly living recommendations. Once you have made upgrades, you can take the self-assessment again and request an optional follow-up site visit.

Owners of properties that achieve Be LakeSmart status in all areas will be awarded the coveted Be Winni Blue & LakeSmart Award. You can help make lake-friendly living the cultural norm in your community by proudly displaying your Winni Blue & LakeSmart Award and leading through example and encouraging your neighbors to do the same!

How do I sign up for the program?

You can sign up for the Be Winni Blue & LakeSmart (WBLS) program by completing the self-assessment on the Lake Winnipesaukee Association’s website.

Complete the self-assessment

  1. Take the Self-Assessment
  2. Receive a Personalized PDF with Lake Friendly Tips
  3. Request a Site Visit

Or schedule your free visit today by calling LWA at (603) 581-6632

Congratulations to the 21 Lake Kanasatka Winni Blue/LakeSmart Awardees!

Jane Nash- 2023
Peter & Judith Strople- 2023
Janna & Stephen Hoiberg- 2023
Eileen & Jim Ehman- 2023
Ron & Sandra Bernier- 2023
Tim & Tamera Baker- 2023
Michelle Gysan- 2023
Leo & Monica Dumais- 2023
Judy Stoessel- 2022
Max and Candy Hoene- 2022
Mark Diette & Mary Di Maria – 2022
Antonia & Fred Von Gottberg – 2022
Kelly Farragher-Paras – 2022
Colette Cooke – 2022
Mark Whary – 2021
Carol Carlson – 2021
Anne O’Connor – 2021
Chris and Scott Wallace – 2021
Sydney Stewart – 2020
Kevin & Sandra Kelly – 2020
John & Mary Ann McRae – 2019

Historical Topographic Map Collection

Thank you to all those that have participated in the Be Winni Blue & LakeSmart program, for doing your part to keep the Winnipesaukee watershed clean and healthy, and for keeping pollutants out of Lake Kanasatka. If you participated in the program and were not eligible, with some additional steps, you can earn the Winni Blue & LakeSmart award! Please track the money and time spent for the recommendations that you implement. If you have questions about your personalized report please contact LWA’s Conservation Program Manager, Bree Rossiter at [email protected] or at (603) 581-6632.

The LakeSmart Program in the Watershed Based Management Plan

A programmatic indicator as identified in the LKWA WBMP is to have 25% of properties around Lake Kanasatka with LakeSmart certification by 2023. An action item as identified in the LKWA WBMP is to “Continue promoting the LakeSmart program evaluations and certifications through NH LAKES to educate property owners about lake-friendly practices such as revegetating shoreline buffers with native plants, avoiding large grassy areas, and increasing mower blade heights to 4 inches. Coordinate with NHDES Soak Up the Rain NH program for workshops and trainings. Direct landowners to UNH Extension’s Landscaping at the Water’s Edge. Cost assumes coordination of and materials for up to five workshops.”

The Numbers

2020: NH Lakes completed 6 visits

2021: NH Lakes and LWA completed 15 visits

2022: LWA completed 21 visits (5 received the WBLS award)

2023: LWA completed 10 visits (7 received the WBLS award)

Fact Sheets and Resources
NH Lakes LakeSmart Resource Library
NH Homeowners Guide to Stormwater Management

NHDES Soak Up the Rain Program