My memories of the lake in NH begin in the 1950s. Remember crayfish on the beach at night? Hundreds of them, where did they go? How about those tiny baby hornpouts? Fireflies everywhere in the woods…

The lakes and mountains of New Hampshire became my special place over 65 years ago as a child. We came in the summer to the same camp in Roberts Cove on Winni since I was about 5 years old. My dad took me out fishing before dawn and I caught a catfish on my birthday when I was 7 years old that he cooked me for breakfast. Best birthday ever.

We started water skiing around the same age, learned to sail in our Sunfish and loved to fish. All day swimming like fish ourselves, we never left the beach. Free to row boats all over, and a Coke in a bottle from the rec hall cooler for 10 cents was the biggest treat. Fires and marshmallows on the beach at night. My dad would give my mom a break and take four out of five of us kids for a day climbing in the White Mountains. I hiked the top five mountains by the time I was 13.

Eventually my brother and I also brought our families and children every summer to learn to love the lake. My kids grew up in the same kind of unfinished cabin with mice for company that we had thought was heaven. All day outside in the lake. Sleeping so soundly at night. Sometimes rain beating on the thin roof.

When we could finally consider having a camp of our own, we found Lake Kanasatka. The minute I saw the lake and cabin I knew this was it. The lake was pristine, the hills were beautiful, and it was quiet and peaceful like Winni was when I was young. We hoped our family would be here for generations.

After moving once, from Vonhurst beach access and view to Lake K lakefront, having 15 years of family parties, friends, and graduations here, it will now indeed be my children’s legacy too. My daughter got engaged atop Red Hill two years ago. My son lives here, is firmly rooted in NH. I will do everything I can to protect and preserve our wonderful lake for them and for everyone who loves it.