As a relatively new resident on Lake Kanasatka, I am proud to be a member of the LKWA community. Through the efforts of many, it looks like we are close to reaching the capital fund goal needed to treat our lake. I am incredibly grateful for the hard work and generosity of those who have already contributed. The community spirit displayed through these donations is truly inspiring.

It is important to consider the potential consequences if we are unable to secure the necessary funds. Without funding, the water quality in our lake may continue to degrade, leading to a decline in the enjoyment of beautiful Lake Kanasatka by your family members.

Contribution by shorefront owners is vital in ensuring that future generations can again experience the pristine water quality that Lake Kanasatka was once renowned for. Not only will your kind donation aid in maintaining your property value, but it will also demonstrate your commitment to preserving our environment for years to come.

Time is running out. If you haven’t already made your donation, please join your generous neighbors in donating. Thank you for your time in reading this, considering this important cause and for helping to be a part of the united effort to protect and enhance our beloved lake.

Max Hoene