The development of the Watershed Management Plan (WMP) for Lake Kanasatka made great progress over the summer. The plan’s developer, FB Environmental Associates, completed significant work on the watershed and shoreline surveys. The watershed survey assesses run-off management and infrastructure, inlets to the lake and other observations.The shoreline survey involved assessing conditions of waterfront parcels including levels of erosion, bare soil, and vegetation. The slope of the land and distance to shore of dwellings was also noted. The WMP Steering Committee will be working on a communication plan to share this information with individual property owners.

Several potential projects were identified and will be discussed with the Technical Advisory Committee in late October. Those which clearly bring an immediate benefit will be discussed to see how and when they can be implemented. Later in the year or the first part of 2022, comprehensive modeling of how to reduce phosphorus loading, thus reducing the opportunities for cyanobacteria blooms, will be ready for review.

Additionally, the NH Department of Environmental Services updated a new bathymetric (depth) map and performed sediment core sampling. LKWA is awaiting the analytical results.

To date, the plan development is on schedule to be completed by June 2022.