This article is the second in a series of articles addressing the WHAT, WHY and HOW the Lake Kanasatka Watershed Association (LKWA) has taken on developing and implementing a Watershed Management Plan (WMP). We hope this series will answer any questions you might have, and also serve as a call to action for you to help us, help our lake!  

Chapter 2 …

How is the LKWA Advisory Board going to develop and implement a Plan?

On a blustery September day inside the Center Harbor Gazebo, the concept of a Watershed Management Plan (WMP) for Lake K began to materialize.   Shocked into action by the recent multiple closings due to cyanobacteria blooms, concerned citizens socially distanced, met with the LKWA Advisory Board (AB) to voice their concerns.  All agreed action needed to be taken immediately to develop a plan to maintain a healthy Lake K. Shortly thereafter, the AB voted unanimously to create an exploratory Sub-Committee to research options that could be put into action to help save our lake. 

After weeks of researching and interviewing various experts in this area, the Sub-Committee reported back to the AB with the unanimous recommendation that we move forward with the development and implementation of a water shed management plan.  There have been numerous lakes within New England as well as around the country that have been restored as a result of a successfully developed and implemented WMP.  But we needed expert help….

 The sub-committee interviewed a number of consultants and overwhelmingly selected FB Environmental based on their successful history of developing WMP’s, and their local knowledge of neighboring lakes.  FB Environmental also has experience working with the town of Moultonborough. Lake K is very important to the town; there are 172 direct waterfront homes on Lake K with a total assessed value of over $103 million dollars that pay approximately $745,000 in taxes.  

Established in 2001, FB Environmental is a consulting firm that specializes in environmental assessment, monitoring, planning, mapping, modeling, and restoration projects in the watersheds of New England’s lakes, streams, rivers, and estuaries. FB Environmental is committed to providing reasonably priced, high-quality professional products while maintaining close communication with their clients. One of their greatest assets is their ability to work with great attention to detail in order to meet the specific needs of clients. Forest Bell, founder and CEO of FB Environmental stated, “I have worked with Moultonborough on similar projects and I will help the AB throughout the total process and will work with you on my fee.” 

The LKWA AB was impressed and voted to accept the Plan and hire FB Environmental.

Yes, WMP plans are expensive, labor intensive and depend on a large, engaged volunteer force; but they work. Lake K is worth the effort and expense – please join us! 

Developing and implementing a WMP will help restore the health of our Lake today, as well as protect it for the enjoyment of generations to come!!

Next up…. How long does it take to implement a WMP?