Over the years we have rented homes each summer all over the lakes region. One year we can across a rental on a small lake called Lake Kanasatka.  We rented that home for two consecutive summers when our kids were young and loved how peaceful and beautiful this lake was.  We had so much fun jumping off the dock, fishing, listening to the loons and swimming away from the snapping turtles!  We even picked up fishing gear and rented kayaks from the old red bait shop on 25!

Fast forward to 2020 and we found a sweet little A Frame just around the corner from the home we rented and we knew it was a sign that this is where we were meant to be.  We actually looked at the house when the first bloom was on the lake and were a little hesitant.  It has obviously been very upsetting to see the blooms occur more often each summer but as relative newcomers to the lake, we are 100% onboard with getting this lake healthy again.  We have made the requested donation, updated our property to mitigate runoff and are looking forward to helping with projects this spring as well.  We have never needed convincing that this lake is worth investing in and saving.  We have made many new lake friends and have created a lifetime of memories with our family; we look forward to making many more.