One hour a week for 11 weeks and you can help our Lake stay free from destructive invasive plant and marine life.

LKWA is looking into starting a Lake Host Program on Lake Kanasatka.  To implement the program we would need at least four volunteers.  The time required is only one hour a week for 11 weeks.   Volunteers would be fully trained and given all the materials they need to do the job.

The program is designed to protect our lake from invasive species of plant and an marine life which are destructive.   Hosts greet those using our boat ramp, give out literature, and check those entering and leaving our lake to make sure any invasive species are removed.  This is a valuable service to our lake.  The NH Lakes program coordinator reports that lakes that have host programs rarely get contaminated by invasive species.

If you are interested, please contact Jane Nash by email or by phone 603-253-7580.