This article is the first in a series of articles addressing the WHAT, WHY and HOW the Lake Kanasatka Watershed Association (LKWA) has taken on developing and implementing a Watershed Management Plan (WMP). We hope this series will answer any questions you might have, and also serve as a call to action for you to help us, help our lake!  

The series will cover the following topics:

What is a Watershed Management Plan and why do we need it now?

How is the LKWA Advisory Board going to develop and implement a Plan?

How long does it take to implement a Plan?

Where are we in this process…and what are next steps?

How much does this cost and who pays for it? 

The importance of YOU in the process – and how you can help!  

What is a Watershed Management Plan and why do we need it now?

A Watershed Management Plan (WMP) is an important tool for any group looking to improve the water quality of their local lake.

Put simply, a Watershed Management Plan identifies water quality problems in your watershed, proposes solutions, and creates a strategy for putting those solutions in action. Watershed Management Plans take a long-term, comprehensive approach, which has proven to be successful in a number of watersheds.

Like a road map directing you from the start to finish of your effort, a WMP helps create a strategic, targeted plan for making positive changes in your watershed.

Why Now? 

Our lake is naturally aging and we need to help it.  Lake residents, visitors, and the Town of Moultonborough received a wakeup call last summer when several cyanobacteria blooms forced the state department of environmental services (DES) to shut down our beautiful lake for a number of weeks. This was both scary and unacceptable. This was a call to action!  We need to act now to prevent future threats to our lake, whether it is from blooms, chronically poor water quality, or other problems that will severely impact the sustainable health of Lake Kanasatka.

Developing and implementing a WMP will help restore the health of our Lake today, as well as protect it for the enjoyment of generations to come!!

Next up…. Why did the LKWA Advisory Board Vote to develop and implement a Plan.