With lake season just a couple of months away, it’s a good time to learn more about LakeSmart, a program of NH Lakes. LakeSmart provides evaluation, education, and recognition of property to promote lake-friendly practices. Sandra and Kevin Kelly recently achieved LakeSmart certification for their Glidden Road property.

The Kellys began the process last October by completing an on-line self-assessment questionnaire and submitting photographs. One photo was of their driveway’s stone swale constructed by Kevin using stones found on their property. The swale diverts and infiltrates the storm water before it reaches the lake. Preventing storm water run off is an important way to prevent phosphorus loading, which can trigger algae and cyanobacteria blooms.

During the evaluation, NH Lakes made two recommendations: replace some of the existing lawn with wild native plant species and add stepping stones set in a bed of small crushed stones across the pathway leading to the beach. Both of these recommendations help prevent runoff and erosion of the shoreline.

Sandra comments, “We recommend that all waterfront property owners apply for LakeSmart. Many property owners have told me they know they have storm water runoff problems, but they either do not know how to correct them, or they cannot afford to correct them. Our improvements, based on the free Lake Smart booklet, cost us very little.”

Kevin adds, “We sought to be LakeSmart because we love Lake Kanasatka and want to do everything we can to protect its future. Lake Smart is free and non-regulatory. Their goal is to educate, and they do this in a very friendly, thorough and professional way.”

Several other Lake Kanasatka homeowners are in the process of becoming LakeSmart certified as well. To learn more and to begin your own path to certification, go to https://nhlakes.org/lakesmart/.